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EEPC India?


Face of Indian engineering exports over a span of 65 years


13000+ decision makers as members and trusted partners


Owns INDEE - one of the largest expositions of engineering in the world


Premier trade and investment promotion organisation in India.

Industry Associations

Optimized for knowledge,
not the illusion of learning

World Class Trainers

Not just the trainers with knowledge. We identify the ones who are thought leaders and innovators who have practiced and preached the KNOWLEDGE that can fetch you results, results to make a difference.

Structural Learning

The topics are chosen keeping in mind that you have less time and more to do. Therefore, we make sure that you get a clutter free action focused course to learn from.

Non-Contextual Practice

The first time you're hands-on with a new topic, any extra contextual information serves as a distraction. How about a whole new approach with a combo of LEARN+DO sounds to you?

Guided Quizzes

That’s the tough part, isn’t it? Nothing fancy here. After learning about the topic you'll receive a quiz to make sure you have a solid conceptual understanding before moving on to the hands-on practice.

Experiences shared
our learners


Very good faculty, Lots of practical inputs, New schemes that I had not heard of


Tekmak Industrials


Faculty's ability to convey information / Delivery skills were good, Tools used were effective (Presentation, Reading Materials, Audio - Visual etc.), Attention was given to the queries and they were answered satisfactorily,

Rushikesh Gaikwad

DelVal Flow Control Pvt.Ltd


Explanation by the professors was good, timings of the programe, very good interactive sessions ( Clearing all the Doubts raised by the participants)

T E Vishnu

Associate Engineering Services


Since we deal with foreign transactions we got more information to do the business in better way

Nagaraja Arolli

Valco Melton Engineering India Pvt Ltd